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We currently have the following features available for use.

Search Engine [GO]
Search the Equilibrium website for the most relevant information for you. The search works in the same way as the popular www.google.co.uk web search engine.

Bulletin Board [GO]
Interact and make friends with other members of the Equilibrium Online Community. Talk about and discuss what's on your mind, rant and get it out of your system, find advice and develop coping mechanisms.

Gallery [GO]
A photo gallery containing photos of the members and their artwork. A great way to get your artistic skills noticed. The Gallery uses the Bulletin Board's user base. If you have trouble trying to log in, please click here.

Directory [GO]
A great centralised directory of links to organisations, information websites, online communities, and lots more.

Mobile [Currently Offline/Disabled]
A fully striped lighter version of the Bulletin Board. Perfect for browsing the boards on your phone on the go!

Cutting | Burning | Abuse | Bruising | Eating Disorders | Personality Disorders
Safety First | Treating cuts | Treating burns | Treating bruises | Infections | Before you overdose
Why do people self-injure? | How to tell someone you self harm | Social Anxiety | You and the law
Confidentiality | Myths and Misconceptions | Distractions | Directory | Online Cinema | Linking Information
Building a Support System
| Replacing Self Injury