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Whenever you feel the need to self injure please try and distract yourself by using some of the methods below. These have been submitted by our users and are an excellent way of coping through rough patches.

1. Write a poem
2. Listen to soothing or music.
3. Talk with somebody close to you
4. Write a story
5. Pray
6. Call a friend
7. Snap your wrist with a rubber band or a hair band
8. Sew
9. Take a nap
10. Leave the room or the house
11. Read a good book.
12. Work in the garden
13. Do arts and crafts
14. Watch television
15. Cook a meal
16. Call a hotline or support group, or post on a message board
17. Use washable, non-toxic markers to draw on your skin
18. Let yourself cry
19. Dance
20. Draw
21. Exercise or work out in some way
22. Get a massage
23. Hug someone
24. Help someone
25. Paint something
26. Play a musical instrument
27. Write a letter to the person or problem that is upsetting you, but don't mail it
28. Run around the park
29. Scream at the top of your lungs
30. See a friend
31. Do some sculpting
32. Go shopping
33. Shout
34. Sing
35. Go skating
36. Take a bath
37. Take a sauna
38. Throw things (such as ice cubes or your pillow, NOT something like glass)
39. Rant about what you are upset about
40. Take a walk
41. Watch a film
42. Go window shopping
43. Do yoga
44. Hit a punching bag
45. Clean your room or the house
46. Cuddle with someone
47. Go cycling
48. Diving
49. Go for a drive
50. Play a game or colour in a colouring book
51. Go swimming
52. Play the piano
53. Shred a phonebook or a newspaper into a thousand pieces
54. Write a song
55. Make or work on a website
56. Take a long shower
57. Meditate

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