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Although it can be very dangerous, cutting is by far the most popular form of self-harm; approximately 64% of self-harmers cut themselves, using implements varying from scissors to double-edged razor blades.

Cutting is normally done for a multitude of reasons.

There are two types of pain associated with cutting. One is the more sharp stinging pain of shallower cuts and the other is the throbbing pain of a deeper wound.

Some people cut themselves for the sight of blood, and will tell you that they experience very little pain, or no pain at all. They feel release only when they are bleeding.

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around the reasons why someone would cut himself or herself. It is often mistaken as a failed suicide attempt. This is not true. Self-harm in most cases is an active attempt to stop oneself from going further and committing suicide. Please see our article Why do people self-harm? for further details.

If you have cut yourself and require first aid information, please see Treating Cuts.

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