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The Committee
The committee are the central executive team for Equilibrium.
They make all the management decisions and handle daily maintenance.
Cin - [Cin]
Cynthia is currently studying Psychology at Uni. A strong advocate of the SI Awareness movement and in her spare time enjoys the London night life.
ClaireClare - [black_wings]
Claire is currently studying psychology, English and biology at college.
DanielDaniel - [Rage]
Dan is a keen Scuba Diver and hopes to become a diving instructor. He also enjoys going sailing whenever he can.
EveEve - [Eve]
When it comes to making ideas happen, Eve is usually at the frontline driving it forward.
No ImageEP - [Kittendot]
EP is currently a teacher and has given us vital insight into how teacher resource packs are used.
HelenHelen - [fluffyhelen]
Helen is studying religious studies at university, She is currently the women's officer 2004-2005 for her uni.
KatieKatie - [shay]
Katie currently studying French and Russian at university, She likes clubbing, metal, horror films and occultism.
KirstyKirsty - [Kirsty]
Smart and intelligent. Kirsty has a special way of making the most of resources at her disposal.
NickNick - [blumunky]
Network support by profession.
SamSam - [Valiant]
Sam specialises in producing digital media and interactive web based projects.

The Sub Committee
The sub committee are secondary management level, they are involved in all the important decisions regarding Equilibrium and the moderation of forums.

AdamAdam - [Coogie]
Adam is a web developer by profession working in the broadcast industry.
AdamAdam - [Crone]
Adam is currently studying Maths, Computing, Philosophy and Biology as well as working part-time in the telecommunications field.
No ImageAkib - [Azrael]
After studying Artificial Intelligence, Akib has turned to programming logic based human-PC interfaces.
BecsBecs - [Becs]
CherylCheryl - [Muppet]
Cheryl is working towards becoming a special needs teacher and currently maintains a website on tourettes, ADD/ADHD and other issues faced by people.
KharisKharis - [ballerina.barbie]
Kharis is currently studying performing arts at university; aiming to become an actress.
LeeLee - [MC] Lee is one of the creative industry's up and coming talents, he's currently working on a multitude of films including a WW2 drama. SarahSarah - [sarah]
As product manager for a record label, Sarah has vital experience in organising successful awareness schemes and events.
KellymarieKelly - [Kellymarie] Kelly has recently graduated from her History degree and is working towards becoming a teacher. 

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