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Some people hit themselves, or strike themselves with objects as a form of self-harm. This causes bruising rather than an open wound, and can very often be explained away as a trip or a fall. Often younger children will throw themselves to the floor or run into walls causing bruises, and whilst this is not always recognized as a form of self-harm, many people who cut or burn themselves will tell you that their self-harm started off as bruising themselves in this way as children. 

Any injury that doesn’t break the surface of the skin will normally result in a bruise. 

Bruises are a discolouration and tenderness of the skin due to leakage of blood from an injured blood vessel into the surrounding tissues. Bruises also change colour over a period of time, so it is possible to tell from the colour of a bruise when the injury occurred. 

Initially a bruise is red in colour, changing after one or two days to purple as the blood in the tissues dries. After a week, the bruise will change to a yellowish colour and then gradually fade away as the blood in the tissues is broken down. 

Sometimes bruising can be connected to a serious problem however, and anyone who finds themselves bruising easily should see a doctor.

Please click here to read the information on how to look after a bruise.

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